5 reasons to buy second hand

A question of the day: do you prefer shopping second hand or getting your items brand new? For the past four or five months, I've been really into second hand shopping. That may have something to do with the fact that I moved into a new city with more second hand shops. Don't get me wrong, I haven't gotten into a full shopaholic mode but I find it so much fun to browse around the cool shops here. 

Leave a comment if you want me to list all of my favorite second hand shops in Helsinki!


1. You will save money! Buying things second hand will most likely save you some coin compared to getting that same item brand new.

2. You will find more unique items! Shops are filled with so many cool things but what if I told you that you could find something even more interesting? When you change your regular stores to second hand, you will find clothes and other items that have a lot more personality.

3. You will think outside the box! When you step into a second hand shop, you will most likely start thinking a bit outside of your norms. "Is there another way to use this item? What if I turn this t-shirt into a dress? This old suitcase would make an excellent nightstand!" 

4. You will support the planet! Why would you purchase something new when you can find it used and in a good condition? If you're in need of a new black tee, go to your nearest second hand shop and I'm pretty sure you'll find one there. We have so many cool clothes on this planet already so let's make the most of them! I'm not completely against buying new clothes but sometimes we should think about getting some things second hand.

5. You will find new brands! Most likely you will see many more brands at second hand shops that you would in a regular shop. Maybe you'll even find a new favorite by accident. I've been able to buy some cool items from second hand shops that I couldn't afford to buy brand new.

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