How to cleanse dry skin

Did you know that taking off your make up and cleaning your face properly is one of the most important things when it comes to skincare? And when your skin is dry, you need to pick moisturizing and gentle products for that. Today I wanted to share some products with you that I've found to be extremely helpful for the past month.
Especially during the winter time, my skin seems to need some extra attention. That's when it's the driest and most sensitive. No matter what I do, it cracks and gets red during the day. Or at least that was the situation until now. 


I have tried many different products before but this time I think I found the one for me. The realization came when I found out that I shouldn't use gel or foam products for my skin since it's so dry. I always thought that it doesn't matter what kind of cleansing product I use as long as my skin gets clean because I can always cover it up with a ton of moisturizing cream. Oh boy, how wrong was I! You need to think about the skincare process as a whole.

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Before I was always terrified of the idea of having to take off my makeup at the end of the day and that actually made me lack in that department quite a lot. I did the bare minimum just because it had to be done. Now it has turned around completely. I'm excited to clean my face and it has become an enjoyable part of my evening routine. 

So what was the secret to this? I switched my old gel cleanser to Lumene's Moisture Replenishing Cleansing Cream. It's gentle for your skin while still getting the job done. In my experience, my skin feels amazing after using the product, just like after moisturizing it. It doesn't take off waterproof mascara though, so be prepared to take it off separately afterward. So, how do you use this magical product then? Wash your hands and then rub the cleansing cream to your dry skin with moist fingers. After cleaning every nook of your face, rinse it with water. If you want to take things to the next level like I do, try using a facial brush from Foreo. I'm currently using the Luna Play Plus version and couldn't be happier with the decision of purchasing it. This combination makes my skin feel even better.

Have you tried these products and what were your opinions?

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