I tried the KonMari Method

Today I'm talking about something I'm pretty sure you haven't been able to avoid - The KonMari Method. It started with the books and has now spread to Netflix. Marie Kondo is everywhere. I was one of the many who bought the first book and started going through their homes with a bunch of inspiration from the book. I started with my clothes and went through all of my things one by one. It was cleansing and frustrating all at once, and I couldn't wait for it to be over. And when it was, I was over the moon happy with my home. 

Time went on and for a while, I was able to keep my home in order and not buy more stuff to fill those newly empty corners and shelves. But then it happened. I moved into a new apartment and then to another one and another one. All that moving around and not feeling content made my apartments even more cluttered than before. That being said, I started the KonMari process all over again a week ago. I can not describe how happy I am now that I was able to get rid of so many things. To be completely honest with you, not everything has been tossed out just yet. I have bags after bags piled up on my doorway waiting to be recycled. But at least I made it to that point. But what gave me the inspiration to do the process now?



It started on New Year's Day when I was going through the notifications on Netflix. I was hoping to find that they've released another season of Modern Family and was a bit disappointed when it didn't happen. But then I saw it, Marie Kondo is on Netflix!! I was so excited to find the time to binge watch all the episodes but even after the first one, my hands were reaching for all the items in my home. I started looking around and thinking about what I actually want to keep, what sparks joy in me and what I could get rid of. I kept my calm and watched all the episodes within the next few days. After that, I decided that on my next day off I would start going through my home. 

I have to say that the whole process went actually quite quickly and I was surprised by the results. My home has now space to be creative and happy. I even made myself a small nook where I can work whenever I need to work from home so that I don't have to sit on my bed all day long. I went through my clothes and got rid of all the things that don't spark joy and it made me even more excited about building my dream wardrobe. 

In conclusion, I can say that Marie Kondo is amazingly good at inspiring people! She is so sincere and her method is easy to understand. So if you're in need of an inspiration to clean or declutter your home, read one of Marie's books or start watching her show on Netflix. 

Until next time! xx

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