This is the year when everything changes

Hey folks, long time no talk! I've been planning out my future blog posts and I have to say I'm pretty pumped up about them. I will focus more on goal setting and how to actually achieve your goals while living the best life you can. I've been really into these kinds of things for a couple of years now, but only for the last two months, I've actually done something about them. For example, I was always interested to see what everyone else puts on their dream boards while never making one of my own. Then after a year, I would be so blown away from the things that happened to them! Those people actually achieved the things they put on their dream boards 12 or how many months before. Even though I was seeing other people use this magical dream board, I never made my own. Not until January 2019.


When the new year started, I was so excited. I wanted this to be my year soooooo bad. I made a list of all the things I want to achieve, try out and gain during this year. Slowly but surely I made my first dream board on the pages of my first ever bullet journal (so many firsts, lol). Even though it's not even the end of February, I've already made a few big changes in my life. I'm not going to get detailed with those things because they are very personal, but you get the point! Writing things down, looking at them consistently and putting effort towards them pays off.

I have so many post ideas about this stuff written down in my notepad so expect to hear a lot more about self-growth, setting up goals and just simply living your best life! I hope that you will find these kinds of posts interesting and useful. Maybe you'll even get some inspiration to try out new things yourself. I really think that's one of social media's best parts - getting inspiration from others.

If you have any questions or post ideas, please let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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